DB2 sqlstate 57016 原因码 "7"错误详解


对表进行任何操作都不被允许,提示SQLSTATE=57016 SQLCODE=-668 ,原因码 "7"的错误:SQL0668N Operation not allowed for reason code "7" on table XXX.


db2 ? 57016

SQLSTATE 57016: 因为表不活动,所以不能对其进行访问。

解决方法为:执行命令:reorg table XXX;即可。


Operation not allowed for reason code reason-code on table table-name.

Explanation: access to table table-name is restricted. The cause is based on the following reason codes reason-code: 7

The table is in the reorg pending state. This can occur after an ALTER TABLE statement containing a REORG-recommended operation.7

Reorganize the table using the REORG TABLE command (note that INPLACE REORG TABLE is not allowed for a table that is in the reorg pending state).


reorg table 通过重构行来消除“碎片”数据并压缩信息,对表进行重组。

runstats on table . 收集表 的统计信息。

reorgchk on table all 确定是否需要对表进行重组,对于对所有表自动执行 runstats 很有用。

>>> reorg 和runstats 都是单个表优化,初始化的命令:

runstats on table administrator.test;

reorg table administrator.test;