Apache Geronimo 1.0 M3 Released



Apache Geronimo 1.0 M3 Released

The Apache Geronimo team is PRoud to announce the 1.0 M3 release of the Geronimo application server.

  • CMP Entity beans are now supported. However, there are still significant limitations (no EJB QL support). This is one of the last outstanding core J2EE features.
  • Geronimo security realms have been integrated with the J2EE containers, so J2EE container-managed authentication works.
  • The web container now supports HTTPS with configurable SSL certificates, etc.
  • The transaction system is more robust, with bug fixes, transaction log support, etc.
  • An application client container is now included with Geronimo
  • Configuration changes to core Geronimo services and running applications are persisted, though we still lack a user-friendly interface for making sUCh changes.
  • Manifest Class-Path entries in J2EE application modules are supported.
  • JDBC database pools and JMS connection factories, topics, and queues are now fully supported "out of the box".
  • When deploying a J2EE connector, multiple instances of the same resource adapter can be declared in the same deployment plan.
  • The command-line deployment tool supports authentication and hot deployment to a running server.
  • JAX-RPC and SAAJ features are available to applications acting as Web Services clients (though Web Services server features are not yet available)

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